Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jersey Shore: Bad Influence?

I was watching the Maury show a few days ago and felt the need to speak my mind about what I saw. I have always been very opinionated when it comes to teens living a wild lifestyle, but today took the cake.

A 13 year old girl named Cel'Andrea that was sleeping with men, drinking, smoking weed and doing whatever. She came on the show to flaunt her slutish ways when Maury asked her an interesting question regarding who she admired. The teen's answer was SNOOKI, one of the members of Jersey Shore. Are you serious??? She even had Snooki's famous poof and would actually look like a mini version of her.

So for those of you who have never seen the show Jersey Shore, it's an MTV reality show that has 8 housemates (4 male, 4 females) that basically spend their summer together while misbehaving all at the same time. There has been a lot of controversy on the show because of the fights, vulgarities, sex, tanning, Italian stereotypes and much more. Yet, Jersey Shore was ranked #1 on MTV’s channel lineup for 3 seasons in a row (mind you, season 3 just started!).

I’m the first one to admit that I actually enjoy watching this show because you never know what to expect but at the same time, after watching the Maury show – I’m not sure this show is suitable for teens. I was actually very disappointed when listening to Cel’Andrea speak about how she admires Snooki. It made me wonder if all the antics they pull on the show had a major effect on her. Apparently, Cel’Andrea was a good kid but drastically changed within the last year (hmmm, coincidence?)

On Jersey Shore, there is no surprise if you see people having sex (not literally, but you get the picture). The guys tend to always bring girls over after a long night of partying and sleep with a different girl every night. The girls who don’t make the cut are considered ‘grenades’. Some of the Jersey Shore girls are as promiscuous and either sleep with one of their housemates or try to find a fling for the night.

A teen watching this show can easily believe that what is done on the show is okay for them to do as well. NOT! I know that many parents blame television for their teens’ violence or sexual orientation or sexual partners; yet I do believe that as a parent, you have the obligation to sit your teen down and have a talk with them. How do you expect your teen to progress in life if you let them do whatever they want? If you can't even sit down with your teen, you might as well just tell your teen 'Hey honey, you can sleep with as many partners as you want and drink & party every night - it's okay' - you're basically throwing in the towel and not even trying to be a responsible parent.

Ironically, a BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) contact of mine posted a picture today of some children dressed up like the Jersey Shore cast and I felt the need to show you too.

When I saw this picture, my first impression was “Where the hell are your parents?”….very disturbing picture. I then decided to visit the site where the picture came from to see what was the purpose of the picture and this is what it reads:

“Instead of contacting child services like a responsible adult, JWoww decided to retweet this photo of three young, impressionable children dressed up like the cast of Jersey Shore. Then again, I probably shouldn’t rule out that this is actually Snooki considering she looks to be about the same height. No, wait, that’s not cool. Now I’m abusing children by equating them with over-tanned slam-pigs. Is everyone seeing what this show is doing to us? This used to be such a kind, loving site. A family place.” – courtesy of

All of this to say, is Jersey Shore a bad influence? In my opinion, it is! Even though MTV clearly shows a warning sign that it may not be suitable for certain ages, it won't stop many teens from watching the show. Common now, it's a trend on Twitter every now and then, so you know curiosity makes anybody want to see what the fuss is all about. I don't think the show should be banned but I do think MTV can do a better job at displaying certain scenes. I fully understand that MTV only cares about ratings but at the same time, they are also promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

What's your opinion on this?


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    1. Because your definitely part of the cast, aren't ya big guy ?
      If your 13, which you probably are, than you find this show to be good.

      And, here's a tip, while most of the guys on the jersey shore cast did get pussy, they were losers living in their parents' basement.
      Is the goal in life, for you, to live in your parents' basement, fuck lots of girls, get aids, and die at 50 ? Again, your a pre-pubescent little boy who needs to understand that if this show were never created, these people would still be living in their parents' basement, with no job, very little money, and no life, except for sex, drugs and drinking.

      ( Just a side note: If you are an adult watching this show and think these people are role models, please get a life, it will do you some good.

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    I think you are correct about Jersey shore. It is not for adolescents. Good post.

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  5. good point there :) i like this post

  6. good post, if you love your kids let them study good books, prepare them to be parents someday, help them do wise choices. This show is for losers who don't want to succeed in life. Is a waste of time. Bad example for teens.

  7. Any woman who watches this show(except to make fun of it) is automatically no good for marriage, these girls are great to fuck and chuck!! Any guy who thinks they can change girls like snooki into a normal person is an idiot and deserves to get stuck with such a freak!

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  12. Yup. It is not for 12 year olds. But a parent should know how to stop their child from dressing up like snookie, or watching a show on at 10pm on a school night. Or at least how to take away their smartphone. The problem comes more from parents not being involved with their children. Further, if you refuse to believe that this same thing happens in every city, you clearly have not gone to a bar on a Saturday night. A lot of early 20 something's go out and party and then grow out of it. Which is why this show is marketed to young adults. I watch the show, laugh, and think it's great. But I don't then go out and emulate. If you base your life choices on any tv show, there are bigger concerns js can't begin to touch.

  13. Totally agree with you, nice job :)

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  15. @ Anonymous - December 6, 2012 at 7:24 PM

    Gay has nothing to do with it. Anyways...

    The show reminds me of my cousin...a 22 year old who fucked the first person she dated when she 'thought' she was ready for a kid. Yes, some guy she met in a bar that she only knew for less than a year before getting pregnant and was already planning on marrying him (Before she got pregnant and couldn't afford it).

    Then she had the baby...Her boyfriend doesn't work and she gets payed minimum wage. And what does she do? Gets a lease on a brand new SUV and house that she can't afford and plans on having more kids soon.

    Oh yeah, she also loves Jersey Shore and will argue anyone the point that it's not a good life lesson (Dead fucking serious).

    Now I and maybe everyone else here, understands why some kids turn into fuck-ups when they have parents like this who also continues to go to bars and get drunk on work nights, has more unprotected sex without thinking first and endangering their child by getting into car accidents because they claim that they 'NEED' to text their friend because they might get mad at them.

    There, this explains the parenting problem, too many people like my cousin. Don't get me wrong, I love my cousin dearly, but I have had no respect for her ever since she started acting like this and treating everyone around her (but her hubby) like shit, including her own loving and caring parents, just because we worry of what she is doing.

    God speed to the Human Race, we have some serious fucking issues.

  16. I agree with you ; this blog helped me greatly.People really don't hanve any sense these days.