Monday, December 6, 2010

Crazy Drivers!

A snowstorm hit the beautiful city of Montreal today, and you would think that people would be more cautious on the roads. HAAAA...I wish!

Walking through a bunch of snow with the wind blowing snow all over my face, I found myself almost getting run over TWICE! I'm very cautious when crossing the street, especially when it's windy outside since I know drivers can sometimes be blindsided. I make sure to wait for the damn green light, look both ways and cross like a 10 year old. Yet, some of you crazy mofos drive like you're blind!

If the light is red, YOU STOP! You don't keep on going like if the light was green! I sometimes wonder if these people got their licenses from a cereal box!!!! Yes, i'm upset...yes, i'm pissed off! It doesn't take a genius to follow the rules so people, DRIVE CAREFULLY! Some of us love to walk AND WOULD APPRECIATE NOT GETTING RUN OVER!