Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleeping With Your Ex’s Friend

Have you ever broken up with someone and thought of sleeping with their friend?

I was watching an episode of “Cheaters” a few weeks back; and there was a weird triangle going on between a woman, her boyfriend and the lover. Now for those of you who have never watched an episode of “Cheaters”, it’s a show that basically catches people cheating and have the person being cheated on confront their partner on TV. Sound like fun? Let’s proceed…So in this episode, the woman’s boyfriend is cheating on her with non other than her own brother’s wife. Now that got me thinking about the situation of sleeping with your ex’s friend…is it a bad thing?


I’m sure many of you have been in this situation…While you were still in a relationship with your ex, one of his/her friends started flirting with you discretely and made you feel like ‘something’ could possibly happen if you ever broke up with your partner. So once your partner actually becomes your ex – in my opinion, you are free to do whatever you want. There is a reason you are no longer with your ex, so if it’s his/her friend you are interested in, you have a right to get to know his/her friend. YET, there are repercussions to everything you do – so do not do something you will regret in the long run.


Want to get your ex back for hurting you? Why not get them back by doing something irrational? This is where the revenge situation comes to mind. If you sleep with your ex’s friend, you will finally feel like you succeeded in hurting them. In fact, this is not the case…I believe that if you do it out of revenge, the only person you are truly hurting is yourself. What makes you think that your ex’s friend will want to get in a relationship with you when you are capable of hurting your ex that way? Sheesh, you might just do it to them too!

Now this can also be seen in another way, because there are situations where your ex might have done something wrong to their own friend; and their friend basically just wants to hurt your ex back . So they’ll stoop to any level to get their form of revenge; and yes, that also means sleeping with you! Stupid is what stupid does! There are many things you have to think of before reacting out of anger.


Sometimes, it’s pretty simple on how things happen, there’s an attraction between you and your ex’s friend. This can get messy because you can be torn on hurting your ex if they find out that you’ve been with their friend, and/or torn because you don’t want to cause a rift between their friendship.

I think as long as there was no cheating involved prior to the attraction and it actually happened after you and your ex broke up; then you are free to do as you please.

I can go on for hours about this topic but I’ll keep it short and simple and hear what my readers have to say.

One word of advice for those of you that are thinking about sleeping with your ex’s friend; if you know that it might hurt them – Don’t do it unless you really couldn’t care less what he/she thinks! And if you decide to go through with it – DON’T GET CAUGHT! The worse thing that can happen is to be placed in the middle of a rivalry.

What’s your opinion on this?


  1. I'm about to sleep with my ex's friend, and to be honest, I really don't care about the fallout. That's for them to deal with if her friend tells her. I spent almost five years taking care of her and her children while she went to school, then she asked me to move out, saying that the believes that she mistook amazing sex for love. As far as I'm concerned, as soon as an ex tells you they didn't love you, they've freed you from any moral and emotional obligation.

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