Monday, December 6, 2010

Crazy Drivers!

A snowstorm hit the beautiful city of Montreal today, and you would think that people would be more cautious on the roads. HAAAA...I wish!

Walking through a bunch of snow with the wind blowing snow all over my face, I found myself almost getting run over TWICE! I'm very cautious when crossing the street, especially when it's windy outside since I know drivers can sometimes be blindsided. I make sure to wait for the damn green light, look both ways and cross like a 10 year old. Yet, some of you crazy mofos drive like you're blind!

If the light is red, YOU STOP! You don't keep on going like if the light was green! I sometimes wonder if these people got their licenses from a cereal box!!!! Yes, i'm upset...yes, i'm pissed off! It doesn't take a genius to follow the rules so people, DRIVE CAREFULLY! Some of us love to walk AND WOULD APPRECIATE NOT GETTING RUN OVER!


  1. I so agree with you. Drivers don't care about those walking. Most of them want to get to point B as quickly as possible no matter who they run over on their way. Please drivers, when it's green, be courteous give a few seconds to pedestrians to cross. It won't kill you!!

  2. Again today, almost got run over! I'm starting to think either i'm damn lucky or death is!!! CRAZY DRIVERS!!! Maybe they're color blind? HAHA